Hyberg Attila 49+6L Backpack

Thursday, January 19, 2017 Hauke 7 Comments

For the Te Araroa Trail the decision on which backpack you take is quite an important one. So far I always used my Deuter 45+15 L backpack and used to be quite happy with it. While gearing up I realised that this backpack with its 1.6kg is rather on the heavy side of my options and I could reduce my weight by 1kg by choosing a different backpack. Pretty much coincidentally I got to know the company Hyberg, which is the first German company being specialised on ultra lightweight backpacks. The backpacks are designed and produced in Rostock and are sold to a fair price of 149€.
Here, I would like to share some of my first experience with the Attila after two weeks with you. I will constantly update this review as we go on. The Te Araraoa has to be classified as a stress test on Attila since it as to hold up for more than 1300km, all different kinds of weather conditions: the unbelieveably strong New Zealand sun, strong winds and heavy rain falls. During some sections I will also exceed the loading weight limit of 14kg.

: When I first read, that the backpack only weighs around 623g, I wasn't really sure, wether it would be durable enough for a hike like this one. However, the official weight limit is 14kg and during the 10 day section, I definitely had atleast 16-17kg of weight. Moreover, there is the option to reduce the weight to 560g by removing the back cushion. Still, I prefered to keep a little bit of cushioning since it is the first time I am using a frameless backpack and due to the long distance that I will have to carry the backpack.

MATERIAL: The backpack is made of 210d Dyneema X Gridstop, a state-of-the-art nylon woven fabric, that is 15x stronger than steel and withstands temperatures from -40 to 125 degrees Celsius (ok, it will be durable even in the New Zealand sun). Moreover, the inside of the backpack is coated with polyurethane to improve the water.

LOOK: As a girl I have to admit, that the look is always kind of important. But this bag completely smashed it. We have been on the trail now for about 14 days and numerous people have stopped and asked me about the backpack, that it looks really nice and where I had it from. The look is a real bummer!

COMFORT: I never had a backpack without a frame before and I was a bit scared of the lack of comfort. But I honestly have to say, it is very comfy. I have been wearing this backpack with the optional cushioning and the drinking bladder in the back and I never had problems. The hip belt and shoulder straps are absolutely comfy, too. You might want to look for other options if you are a heavy sweater on your back, since there is no real room for ventilation left.

DESIGN: Does it match my expactions and how to I pack it? Since the backpack has a roll top, it is basically a big sack with an additional compartment for drinking systems in the inside and five smaller pockets on the outside. On the bottom I normally place some heavy food e.g. oats and freeze dryied backcountry food, which we won't need during the day. On top of that goes my Sea to summit 35L drybag with my cloths and the sleeping bag and on top of that everything we need to have ready during the day. This works really well for me and a love the roll top, since you can adjust the size just as you need and it improves the water resistance as you might know from biking bags. Into the net on the front I place stuff like my hat, sun screen, rubbish or cloths that need to dry (this net is so handy!!!). Into the sides our tent, sandals and rubbish is stored. The belt pockets normally contain my phone, the GPS and SOS device. What I thought, that could be improved is the zippers of the pockets hip belt. They are difficult to open and close while wearing the backpack. All in all, I love the design, it absolutly matches my needs on a long distance trail.

ADDITIONALS: Some more comments on other features: What I really like is, that the bag stands up straight and does not fall to the side, if you put it down. The bag also includes a seperate compartment to store the water bladder and an exit to lead the tube out on each side of the bag. To optimise this compartment, I would love to have access from the outside to be able to refill the bladder without the need to empty my whole bag. Still, this would mean to have an extra zipper etc. and finally more weight. Generally you have to face this issue with most backpacks.

SUMMARY: I can highly recommend this backpack to hikers looking for a ultra light option. Attila is a great synergism of good looking design, trampers needs and low weight. There are some spots, that could use some improvement since it is a brand new designed backpack, but the pros are absolutely in favour. You will love Attila!

A full bag, ready for a 10 day hike...
The belt pockets: very handy, but the zippers could be a bit improved since they are hard to open and close when the backpack is worn.
View into the backpack from the top.
The shoulder straps are very comfy such as the hip belt.
Pattern of the Dyneema X Gridstop

Disclosures: I got the bag sponsored from http://greenline.de.com. Although it was sponsored, I reviewed this article as honestly as I could and tried to give a global overview about this product.


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