What is the Te Araroa?

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Te Araroa is Maori and means translated "The long Pathway". The trail runs across both, North and South Island of New Zealand. A total of 3000km tells a story of earth's evolution, mainly formed by lithospheric plates, and Maori culture, following old trading routes of the Te Araroa (kumara, dried fish and weaving).

The idea of establishing a trail from Cape Reinga to Bluff was born in 1967 by Bob Ussher, the president of the Alpine Sports Club. It took until 2002 for the first person ever to through hike both islands. Since 2011 the trail is officially established, still having minor gaps. The route becomes continually improved and maintained, thanks to the Te Araroa regional trusts. Their aim is to maintain the paths, negotiate access to private lands the trail passes and raise funds. If you would like to support them, you find details for donations under: http://www.teararoa.org.nz.

Te Araroa Trail Map

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