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To experience something unique, that would be difficult to perform once we start working. We discussed several options such as riding our bikes through Europe, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail or Appalachian Trail or doing a road trip across Europe. Debating several pros and cons, we always got back to our original idea. Walking along the South Island, following the trails of the Te Araroa.

To walk across the south island of New Zealand, starting at Ships Cove in the very north and finally ending at south tip of the island in Bluff. Total: 1292,5km/ 802,12 miles.

To spend some unique time together and explore the beautiful country.

We are both medical students, studying in Hannover, Germany.

Hauke (27) already finished his studies in mechanical engineering, before his med studies. He loves nature, good coffee and coding this blog (without him, the blog would look a lot more ugly). He just came home from a six-weeks hiking-road-trip all over the west coast of Canada. He love the beauty of the wilderness out there.

Julia (24) loves adventures of all kinds. Due to her adventurous parents and her involvement in a kids group of the "German Alpenverein (DAV)" , she already had the chance to hike some big trails through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA and Norway and to ride her bike along quite a lot of rivers.

Together, we lived a year in Australia. A time full of very exiting trips. With great support of Elias and Franzi from Franklin River Rafting, we rafted down the Franklin River in Tasmania within 8 days. Further in the north, we through hiked Hinchinbrook Island, an uninhabited Island with very challenging weather conditions.

We are very much looking forward to our trip. Together, we already have a fair bit of experience in the mountains, yet we are slightly nervous about what to come. Still, we are optimistic, that we will be able to solve the challenges and improve constantly throughout the trip.

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